Frequently Asked Question

BCE is a dynamic platform for enthusiast businessmen/ entrepreneurs who want to grow their business and get recognition through business network. BCE has a wide business network for over 300 different business categories across nation and helps entrepreneurs to connect and expand their business.
Unlike any other associations, BCE focuses on providing real business to its member through BCE business funnel and BCE referral programs. BCE aims at transforming traditional methods of doing business to modern methodologies through professional approach.
BCE exercises 1 city 1 club 1 member in each business category for end to end support.
Entrepreneurs/ businessmen having their own business or startup within the age group of 25 to 50 years can be a member of BCE.
Click the link to join BCE.
BCE has serves over 260 different business categories in each BCE club.
BCE membership renews at the end of every year.
BCE offers a profitable platform to entrepreneurs that is well organized by highly skilled business professionals and business networks all across the nation. Members of BCE will get the pleasure of doing business through BCE business tunnel.
BCE membership renews at the end of every year.(i) BCE Business Club
(ii)BCE Manufacturing Club
(iii)BCE Startup Club
BCE conducts 2 meetings every month.
Only BCE members can join BCE meetings
BCE In-person is a physical form of meeting organized twice in a month.
BCE offers its members to join meetings remotely through BCE online meeting application and software. BCE recommends its members to join the In-person meeting if
BCE Hybrid is an advanced form of BCE meeting using BCE Hybrid technology.
Only one business can be registered by one member. Though BCE has solution for its members who have more than one business.
BCE Connect offers its members to connect to BCE business network in real time.
BCE prepares digital catalogue for every member and their respective business and the same is utilized for business promotions and branding over BCE portals.
A dedicated and certified Leadership coach (PAN India level) is assigned to each BCE club for leadership trainings and programs.
A dedicated and certified Business coach (PAN India level) is assigned to each BCE club for to strengthen the business of BCE members.