• 1. Applicant’s business profile will be reviewed by BCE membership committee
  • 2. Interview process is mandatory for all applicants
  • 3. Applicants must satisfy the Membership Committee with 60% result for membership
  • 4. Online registration is mandatory for BCE membership
  • 5. Membership fee will be refunded in case of application rejection
  • 6. Membership fee will not be refunded once the application is being accepted and membership is approved
  • 7. The membership renews after every twelve months
  • 8. Grace period of 7 days is given for membership renewal
  • 9. Failing to do the membership renewal may lead the business category to re-open for new membership
  • 10. Changing Business Category is not allowed
  • 11. BCE reserves the right to cancel the membership at any point of time without any prior notice


  • 1. Members must follow formal dress code in BCE Business Meet
  • 2. Members must carry BCE badge and BCE ID Card in the Business Meet
  • 3. Casual wear and footwear is not allowed.
  • 4. Use of cell phones is strictly prohibited in the Business Meet
  • 5. To attend an emergency/ important call, members must take permission from CG Team
  • 6. Consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, pan, etc. is prohibited in Business Meet
  • 7. Members must follow the meeting schedule and reach the venue 10 minutes before
  • 8. Members must prepare in advance to pitch for their business in the Business Meet
  • 9. Either the member or representative allowed to attend the business meet to represent their respective business
  • 10. Members are not allowed to be absent in the Business Meet, however a total number of 4 absence/ nonattendance in Business Meet is permissible.
  • 11. Meeting fee is compulsory and must be paid in advance as per the club rule to the club secretary
  • 12. Three months meeting fee equivalent to six meetings must be paid in advance
  • 13. Meeting fee will not be adjusted during absence in any case
  • 14. Meeting venue will be decided by the CG Team by considering the choices of all members
  • 15. Members should bring prospective members as guests in every Business Meets, a special recognition will be given to all such members. As per each one bring one concept of BCE
  • 16. All information pertaining to BCE Business Meet will be shared in Whatsapp BCE Club Group
  • 17. Formation of teams is a part of the club development activity, members must learn to work as a team
  • 18. Information like One to One, business referrals and business achievements must be presented in the Business meets.
  • 19. Members must be aware of the club rules and consult with the Club Governance Team for any doubts.
  • 20. Meeting rule is equal for all members and must be adhered sincerely.


The Do’s

  • 1. As a BCE family, members must respect each other and contribute to each other’s development.
  • 2. Use of BCE mobile app (BCE CLUB APP) is compulsory to feed and assess business activities and information.
  • 3. Members must give utmost priority and respond to the instruction/ notice received through BCE OFFICIAL whatsapp group.
  • 4. Members must undertake the Business Meet training programs organized time to time.
  • 5. Strategic roles will be assigned to members in Business Meet and BCE events, members must perform well to enhance their business reputation and recognition
  • 6. Members must introduce his/her BCE Club with his/her business association and entrepreneurs through BCE Business Meets
  • 7. Members must perform One to One meetings with other members in a month to increase business opportunities
  • 8. Members must participate in all BCE business activities and action plans
  • 9. Members must assist new members in learning about the club and its rules
  • 10. Members must emphasize in developing his/her power team
  • 11. Members must cooperate and coronate as team to accomplish targets

The Don’ts

  • 1. Don’t be absent! Members exceeding the number permissible absence i.e. four Business Meets will lose their position and the business category will reopen for a new member
  • 2. More than two complaint against any member will lead to cancellation of his/her membership
  • 3. Members are required to behave professionally as they represent their business, unprofessional attributes may lead to cancellation of membership
  • 4. Members must not use the BCE whatsapp groups for personal reasons or sharing irrelevant information/ posts
  • 5. Members must not misguide other BCE members or guests
  • 6. Members must not share confidentialities of BCE Business Meet with outsiders or non BCE person
  • 7. Any disruption or dispute in the BCE Business Meet and other BCE events will be resolved at the BCE office through CG Team under the supervision of the BCE Directors and BCE Advisory body.
  • 8. All disputes shall be a subject to Court of Law Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

Disclaimer: BCE is a professional club to create business opportunities for its members and Industry partners through BCE strategic events and technology. BCE does not take the responsibility of anyone’s business loss. BCE will not be responsible for its member’s attitude or attribute. BCE does not keep relation with member’s business transactions and is not responsible for any financial matters between BCE members and outsiders. BCE hold rights to modify, stop or activate its events at any time. BCE is not responsible for any kind of disturbances done by any member/s in and outside the BCE events.